Do it Best increases rebates without adding headcount


  • Solid cash position, but sought better short-term investments.
  • Find new ways to grow the business, manage expenses, and partner with our vendor community.


  • We selected C2FO for our dynamic discounting platform because the technology was so easy to implement.
  • The C2FO market also acts as a supplier invoice portal, which is a great value to provide invoice and payment visibility.


“C2FO makes total sense for us because we cannot earn a higher yield elsewhere. We see high supplier demand for the program as well.”



The results:

  • As our program and returns have grown our members benefit through growth and consistency in the annual rebate.
  • Implementing C2FO went very smoothly, even with some of our legacy technology.
  • C2FO does most of the day-to-day work so we can focus on running the business.
  • The program has grown 41% year-over-year and we expect the
    same this year.

Do it Best increases rebates without adding headcount


Do it Best Corp.


Wholesale Distribution

Working Capital Goal

Increase member rebatesImprove our return onshort-term cash

C2FO Market Member Since 2014