All Across Africa

Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • C2FO is simple to use. It’s very easy to log in and access early payment on my invoices.
  • It’s flexible. I can turn it on and turn it off whenever I want.
  • C2FO delivers on exactly what they said they would: early payment at a very reasonable price.

“I’m usually skeptical about things that seem too good to be true. But there is no catch with C2FO.”


All Across Africa is a development company that works in East Africa to train, develop and teach women in underserved, rural areas to make handcrafted products that All Across Africa then sells in the US market at major retailers. By providing artisans education, finance, materials, training and market access, All Across Africa presents a poverty-reducing solution that is sustainable and empowering. The CEO of All Across Africa, Greg Stone, wasn’t sure about C2FO at first. He says, “I’m usually skeptical over these things, but after speaking to my C2FO Supplier Relationship Manager, I realized that there is no catch with C2FO. It allows me to accelerate payment on the invoices that I want, when I want, at a reasonable rate.” After using C2FO for some time, Greg says, “I would definitely recommend C2FO to other companies.”

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