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Launching a dynamic discounting program with minimal IT hours

Case Study

By partnering with C2FO, a multinational pet retail chain launched their dynamic discounting in days rather than weeks—and with minimal IT resources.

Founded in 1986, this pet retail chain had grown to more than 1,500+ locations around the world.

With pet products and services ranging from dog food to daycare, supporting so many locations requires a strong supply chain.

Ensuring supply chain health, as well as making a return on short-term cash, made implementing a dynamic discounting program a no-brainer for this major retailer.

“We trusted the C2FO team to complete the SAP data exchange because this is their area of expertise. The on-site approach was easy and reduced our IT requirements and the level of support needed.”

IT Director

The Challenge

Launch a revenue-impacting discounting program in record time while minimizing the amount of internal IT hours needed.

The Solution

  • Take advantage of the C2FO SAP Project Accelerator service to complete the simple data exchange set up in 4 days versus the typical on-site engagement of 1 to 2 weeks.
  • C2FO provided the baseline code and turnkey on-site support staff as part of the standard market launch fee.


  • C2FO reduced the hours required by our in-house IT team by 75%.
  • Our overall market go-live was a record 6 weeks versus the expected timeline of 10 weeks.
  • The SAP data exchange setup was easy and had no negative impacts to our ERP.
  • The existing C2FO plug-in adaptor worked flawlessly with our SAP instance.

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