Design Toscano

Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • Helps us extend past our line of credit and access affordable cash when we need it.
  • C2FO allows us to make sure we aren’t stretched to pay our vendors on time.
  • It’s a very simple marketplace for a supplier: just two clicks to cash.

“C2FO allows our business to get through seasonal peaks a lot easier.”


Design Toscano is known for unusual decor items based on historical and antique designs from all over the world. Their extensive collection includes statuary, furniture, tapestries, garden fountains and art reproductions. Since the company was founded in 1990, its business model has shifted repeatedly due to changes in the economy and in the viability and popularity of different sales channels. Today, online retailers represent a significant percentage of their business, which has led to new working capital challenges. Founder and president Michael Stopka says, “With online retailers, we need to build up inventory for the holidays and spring/summer season. It takes up to 120 days to have the product produced and it’s several more months before the orders come in. During those peaks, we have a lot of receivables and being able to use C2FO to get cash earlier really helps.”

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