IPE Systems case study

Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • C2FO has been able to give us liquidity just when we needed it.
  • It covers the dips in cash flow that we incur in doing business.
  • It’s a whole lot better than factoring, where they take a cut of all your invoices whether you need the cash or not.

“C2FO suits what we need as a business, which is short-term cash support for projects.”


IPE Systems designs, installs and tests broadcasting systems for radio and television. The nature of their business means their work is project-based, which makes short-term cash flow a challenge. Financial Controller Mark Thomas says, “We buy and install very pricey equipment, so we will source the goods first and pay for them, but our receipts are dependent on milestones, so we’ll be paid in stages. C2FO is the ideal solution. It’s quick, easy to use and very economical. It’s incredibly beneficial to us as a supplier and it can mean the difference between doing a job and not doing the job.

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