Jocassee Designs

Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • Helps us build up our working capital to cover our labor and other production expenses.
  • Gives us cash flow to help us continue to expand our business.
  • Our supplier relationship manager has been fantastic answering all our questions and making it easy for us.

“I like the idea that C2FO can help us facilitate payments from large customers to cover our up-front costs.”


Founded in 1985, Jocassee Designs is a contract and custom embroidery business specializing in embroidered apparel. Co-founder and vice president Shelley Blount says that the company is fortunate to have found its niche embroidering sportswear — particularly for golfers — as manufacturing has steadily shifted away from the U.S. He says, “The apparel can be manufactured overseas, but the embroidery has to wait until it gets here because you never know what your tournament or pro shop or golf customer is going to want.” As for other working capital challenges, he says, “Our company is primarily labor based and those costs have to be paid weekly, but our payment terms with customers range from net 30 to net 60 days. Before C2FO, we’d have to take care of those costs up front and wait to get our money back. We’re happy to take a small discount to get paid sooner.”

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