Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • Hoping to expand to more retailers and a larger customer base
  • For a very small fee, I can receive my money sooner
  • The costs are lower than factoring
  • Helps me pay my manufacturers on time

“C2FO has been great because I’m planning on increasing my business with my customers and I need cash flow for that.”


Lamp-In-A-Box was founded in 2007 by Daniel Cytrynowicz with the idea of redefining people’s experience with table lamps. The vision from the beginning was to create a fun, relevant and affordable lamp, challenging the age-old image of the sober, virtually invisible lighting object in everybody’s home. Lamp-In-A-Box’s lamps have become “objects of desire,” being sold in furniture, gift and museum stores, boutiques, catalogs, websites and even record stores, as well as being used as gifts for the promotional market. When it comes to cash flow, Cytrynowicz says C2FO has been helpful because, “Even though I do have good credit, many of my expenses have to be paid in advance and sometimes the number of orders that I have fluctuates. Being able to get money faster and inexpensively is great.”

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