Monkey Hook

Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • It’s automated. I put in my rate one time and I haven’t had to adjust it at all.
  • Expedited payments through C2FO are helping us pay off our SBA loan.
  • The discount works out to a lower APR than our line of credit.

“C2FO enables us to take less working capital out of our line of credit, which saves us on interest.”


Founded in 2004, The Monkey Hook manufactures a line of innovative drywall picture hangers that can be installed simply and easily without tools. The product is made in the USA and sold through major U.S. and Canadian retailers and distributors. The company has been taking steps to improve its working capital position over the past year and C2FO is helping with that process. Their director of operations says, “We refinanced our line of credit late last year, which is saving us a lot on interest. With C2FO, we’re getting paid in 10 days instead of 30. We can use that cash flow instead of our line of credit, and C2FO is also helping us pay off our loan more quickly.”

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