Nxtera case study

Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • We can receive our money 3-4 weeks early and it’s absolutely worth it.
  • Banks are reluctant to lend money to software companies.
  • We have to pay our salaries before our customers pay us, so getting cash flow early through C2FO has been ideal.

“As we’re increasing headcount and expanding our offices, C2FO has been absolutely ideal for managing cash flow.”


Based in Hampshire, England, Nxtera develops monitoring, automation and compliance software for the broadcast, financial and call center industries in the UK. The company began as a hardware reseller but made the switch to software development within the past five years, so they describe themselves as a “mature startup.” Their financial director Stephen Bishop says, “The challenge to us as a startup has been making sure we have adequate working capital, because we reinvest profits in development and to grow the business. C2FO has come in handy as a quick and easy way to get access to funds.”

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