TLB Holdings

Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • It’s incredibly easy to use and understand.
  • C2FO allows us to maintain accurate and hassle-free cash flow projections.
  • The program makes it possible to pay our large overseas factories on time.
  • It reduces our factoring loan so we pay less interest.

“C2FO is CERTAINTY that we can count on. We can turn our 80 day receivables to 10 days. This cash keeps orders flowing and makes it possible to pursue more business.”


TLB Holdings started their company in the owner’s basement after she spent many years as a retail buyer for large big box retailers. The company produces their own lines of clothing such as Leo & Nicole and Jillian Nicole but also specializes in private label and maternity clothing. While factoring is common in the apparel industry, TLB uses C2FO to strategically improve their finance situation. Prior to C2FO, they had to constantly amend their original factoring agreement, because of concentration limits. “C2FO keeps us within our
factoring limits and gives us peace of mind knowing that we no longer have to worry about taking an order because we’ll have two large orders out during the same payment cycle,” said the TLB Chief Financial Officer.

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