University Games

Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • Eliminates the need to call customers individually to negotiate early payments
  • Helps us budget for just-in-time inventory
  • C2FO is an important business tool that works when we need cash

“C2FO has allowed us to formulate the collection of receivables on a timescale that works for us.”


University Games was founded in 1985 by Bob Moog and Cris Lehman. Bob and Cris always loved playing games with their families, and grew up thinking that fun and learning were a part of everyday life. As adults, they recognized a developing niche in social interaction and learning games for adults and children. They constantly seek to keep their products contemporary through new product development and building on the licenses they carry to keep them new and exciting. University Games uses C2FO strategically to bridge financing gaps and fund innovation. Co-founder Cris Lehman says, “More flexible working capital options have become more important over the years because when we started selling to retailers terms were 30 days. A lot of the major accounts are now as high as 90 days. C2FO helps us put our cash to work faster.”

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