Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • C2FO is easy to use. It’s not complex like factoring.
  • It’s much easier than traditional financing options.
  • C2FO helps us manage our inventory production more effectively when we’re responding to large swings in consumer demand.
  • There are no demands placed on us. It’s voluntary and transparent.

“C2FO smooths out our sales peaks and valleys by accelerating cash flow that we control, allowing us to keep our buyers and suppliers happy.”


Windmill has been providing pharmacies and their clients with the finest in nutritional supplementation for over 40 years. Windmill serves more than 3,500 independent pharmacies as well as major retailers across the country. They are fortunate to be debt free and continue to grow as their line of health and nutrition products expands. Windmill CFO Phil Piscopo says, “In a business that is susceptible to peaks and valleys based on ongoing shifts in consumer demand, it is challenging to manage cash flow cost-effectively. C2FO provides the opportunity to accelerate cash flow at a truly lower cost. Plus, it’s completely voluntary. C2FO is a great deal.”

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