Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • We need cash flow to help us add more SKUs and increase staffing
  • Knowing that we can get paid in a week or two is great and helps us clear our books
  • It doesn’t take time and energy away from running the business – it’s plug and play

“This year’s holiday season is going to be huge for us and it will be great to have C2FO help us improve our cash flow.”


Childhood friends Jess Diehl and Benita Goldblatt had already independently launched successful businesses in their early 20s when they were inspired to become partners and launch zestt to bring a new, approachable aesthetic to contemporary home decor. The company has grown significantly over the past year and is looking forward to a big holiday season. Says Diehl, “We are excited that we’ll have our products available in store rather than via drop-ship. Our terms are net 45, and waiting that long to be paid is difficult. We were prepared to factor going into the holidays, but C2FO is much more beneficial from a financial standpoint.”

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