Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • C2FO gives us the funds to purchase more materials so we can keep producing inventory in the USA.
  • The cash flow helped us purchase a competitor’s inventory and absorb that brand into ours.
  • Our supplier relationship manager is very reliable, dependable and helpful.

“There’s no paperwork or sharing of financials – we’re just getting our own money sooner.”


Zike was founded in 2010 with the goal of fighting childhood and adult obesity. Zike’s freestyle hybrid scooters are an innovative combination of both a scooter and a bicycle. The company hopes to make a positive difference in people’s lives by combining fun and fitness with their environmentally-friendly transportation. Zike sells directly online and through many major retailers. Their VP of marketing says, “We’re a seasonal business, so our retail sales spike in November and December and we have to focus our advertising and marketing on those two months. Having C2FO definitely helps our cash flow, especially when we’re working with 75-day terms. We can always count on C2FO to be there to back us up and help us out when we need it so we have operating capital to purchase materials, manufacture more inventory and market our product effectively.”

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