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Treasury Science: navigating the treasury department of the future

Jun 08, 2018

What Treasury and Finance professionals need to know to be competitive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution of AI, machine learning, robotic process automation (RPA), and emerging tech. We have a need for smarter and faster decision making. It stands to reason, then, that more data would...

The robot in your supply chain

Jun 08, 2018

Technology advancement offers an estimated $2 trillion in value for Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing. Attaining that value, however, will require separating the science from the science fiction surrounding AI. Future visions of AI, both science and science fiction, depict robots...

20/20 with Brian McClendon, former VP of Google

Jun 05, 2018

If you find yourself getting lost a lot less these days, you can thank Brian McClendon. In this edition of our C2FO 20/20 series, C2FO technical advisor, McClendon shares a look back at his experience as one of the creators of Google Earth and former VP of Google and shares what every...

20/20 with Shailesh Bettadapur, Treasurer, Mohawk Industries

Jun 05, 2018

C2FO was founded by taking a clear look at a broken finance system, and redefining how it could work better in the future. Today, our network is over 180,000 companies strong. Our vision is defined, not by what we created, but by the customers we serve. From business leaders who manage the...

How to leverage alternative financing to enhance cash management strategies

Apr 27, 2018

As the pace of global growth accelerates, large corporate treasurers and CFOs face opportunity and challenge, as do their SME suppliers. While SME access to funding has increased, funding is not always available at an affordable price, squeezing the supply chain. The third annual C2FO...

Closing the $1.5T gap to fuel economic growth and earn a no-risk yield

Apr 25, 2018

Decades of globalized trade lifted emerging economies out of poverty while providing consumers with access to goods and services from all around the world. That progress faltered during the recession. While the global economy has recovered, globalized trade growth is lagging. The culprit?...

Collaborating after the handshakes

Apr 24, 2018

Until recently, procurement and treasury hardly recognized each other. Now, as C2FO’s Sean Van Gundy explains, they are working together to create value and help fund suppliers Not very many years ago, meetings between procurement and treasury would start with a lot of handshakes and...

Four attributes of win-win supply chain relationships

Mar 26, 2018

Win-win beats win-lose when it comes to your suppliers. Analysis of supply chain relationships show a direct link between four key attributes and performance of supply chain relationships. A win-win approach not only increases innovation and profits for both buyers and suppliers, but shows...

The new debt paradigm for you and your largest suppliers

Mar 02, 2018

Leveraging the net Interest deductibility tax change. Debt just got a lot more expensive. The 2017 tax law disadvantages debt financing by significantly reducing the deductibility of net interest expense, impacting all but the smallest companies. While companies with revenues below $25...

What the new tax plan means for you and your SME suppliers

Mar 02, 2018

The new debt paradigm: how to leverage the net Interest deductibility tax change. As the celebrating dies down around one of the largest corporate tax cuts in history, corporate CFOs who read the fine print understand that it isn’t all good news. In fact, companies accustomed to funding...

Trade finance innovation positioned to fuel growth of China SMEs

Feb 08, 2018

China suppliers have highest need, highest likelihood for adoption, and largest opportunity to benefit from trade finance innovation, according to the C2FO third annual Working Capital Outlook Survey. Across the globe, small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) report many of the same challenges...

Appetite for liquidity on track to outpace funding for SMEs

Feb 07, 2018

The third annual C2FO Working Capital Outlook Survey sheds light on the constantly evolving cash flow situation faced by SMEs, as funding options diversify while barriers shift from a lack of access to affordability. SMEs anticipate an increase in their need for liquidity as they seek to grow...

Turning uncertainty into opportunity for procurement

Feb 07, 2018

The third C2FO Working Capital Outlook Survey captures a paradox, one of uncertainty in business despite the rise in stock markets across the globe and economic optimism. This period of uncertainty for small and midsize suppliers (SMEs) is a shared reality of procurement professionals for...

Three ways to reinvent procurement through work culture innovation

Dec 08, 2017

Driving transformation and building resilient business growth through work culture innovation and a people-centric approach Japan Airlines (JAL) filed for bankruptcy protection in 2010 with the largest debt of any company since the end of WWII, 2.3 trillion yen ($25 billion). Then, it...

Principles of creating value

Nov 29, 2017

In this quick read, Dean Z. Myers, VP Supply Chain, Business Development, Coca-Cola, shares five principles to create value that you should never overlook. His simple tips offer us all a reminder on how to instantly build better business relationships.