ADCO Products

Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • We depend on collection of our AR to fund production
  • Cost effective, reliable and without covenant contingencies
  • Our supplier relationship manager is a great advisor

“C2FO complements our credit facility like a shiraz to the filet mignon.”


ADCO Products, Inc. is a fourth generation, family-owned sewing business that was established in 1955. Today, ADCO is a recognized household name for RV and trailer covers. Their CFO says, “Essentially our business is small. We supply at the distribution level and lately we’ve grown to e-tailer and retailer and ecommerce. Given the size of our company and due to the seasonal nature of our business, funding production over six months prior to sales has always been a stretch on our fiscal resources. Knowing that our receivables that go through C2FO will be processed in an expedited fashion is not only a source of relief, but also allows us to plan our production knowing that our cash flow is not as constrained as it was in years past.”

She added, “Cash management is huge for us. Things change by the minute here. When an email from C2FO comes, it makes our day.”

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