C&I Collectables

Why we use C2FO

  • Helps us access cash flow to invest in the materials we need at the beginning of each sports season
  • Receiving early payment means we can pay our vendors earlier and keep them happy
  • I appreciate a company that values customer service. Our supplier relationship manager has been a huge help to us

“I wish we had more accounts that participate in C2FO. It really helps us keep on top of our payables.”


Founded in 1991, C&I Collectables has become one of the leading producers of packaged sports cards and sports plaques in the United States. Their signature item is a team set pack that includes trading cards from major manufacturers of the most popular players from MLB, the NFL and the NBA. The specialty and seasonal nature of their business comes with its own working capital challenges. The company’s Director of National Sales and Marketing says, “At the beginning of the season, we have to place an order for materials and pay for it up front even though we’ll be selling the merchandise we make from it over the next six months. Combined with net 90 terms on our big account, we could be waiting seven months to get money out of our initial orders. With C2FO, we can cut two months off that waiting time, which helps us afford the materials we need for the next season.”

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