Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • Less expensive and less of a headache than factoring
  • The supplier relationship management team is great
  • We accelerate payments on average 50 days early

“C2FO is a seamless process that helps our “just-in-time” inventory
system produce more orders and more sales.”


Since 2004, ConservCo has been manufacturing water conservation products for homeowners and businesses through major retailer and e-commerce channels. They have focused on quality, price and innovation to drive growth. In order to keep up with order demand, they have invested in a “just-in-time” inventory system and utilize ongoing cash flow optimization through C2FO making their time to market highly efficient. The ConservCo owner says, “Retailers typically take up to 90 days to pay invoices. However, when we use C2FO, we can time our early payments on delivered goods to cover the cost to manufacture new orders. It’s a seamless process.”

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