Distribution industry case study

Case Study

$47B grocery & food distribution leader


  • Our business model has very thin margins.
  • We needed to improve gross margins above and beyond our existing terms discounting program, as most of our supply chain is already on static terms.
  • It was vital to sell the opportunity across multiple business units including procurement, IT, finance and treasury.

“The best thing about C2FO is how hands-off it is. We have a very low-margin business so when we can improve gross margins without increasing staff, that’s a slam dunk.”

Why we use C2FO:

  • It works seamlessly with our existing terms discounting initiatives.
  • We are not seeing suppliers price additional discounts back into our cost of goods.
  • C2FO takes care of the supplier communications and onboarding for the program.

The results:

  • Consistently improves our gross margins.
  • The program continues to grow without additional work from our team.
  • Our leaders across departments endorse C2FO.

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