Eagle Industrial Group

Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • The marketplace model improves the way the buying and selling relationships work.
  • C2FO makes it easier for our business to cover our quarterly tax obligation.
  • It helps us keep our product quality high by paying our overseas suppliers on time.
  • We can smooth out our seasonal cash flow variances.

“I can rely on C2FO. It works. It’s like my reserve parachute.”


Eagle Industrial Group, Inc. started as a simple garage storage business. Matt Davis was retiring as an Air Force pilot, and he and his wife wanted to do something on their own. Since the beginning, they have grown steadily and have been the #1 selling hardware product in Costco for two years in a row. Since C2FO is available for many of their buyers (Costco, Amazon), Davis reflected that there are things they could not have done without C2FO including lowering their cost of borrowing. “I’m all in every day and C2FO has my back.
It’s one thing to have a culture of product safety. But now we have a culture of financial safety too,” added Davis.

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