Easy Crown Molding

Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • Waiting 90 days for payment becomes difficult with sales peaks and valleys
  • C2FO helps us receive payment, on average, in a third of the time
  • Receiving early payment through C2FO is easy and the cost is low

“C2FO works so simply and so painlessly. I have no reason to look elsewhere.”


Easy Crown Molding offers an inexpensive alternative to fancy millwork. Their products offer the same detailed architectural finishes found in some of the finest homes at a fraction of the cost and with only a minor investment of time. Company owner James Jensen says, “I was a licensed contractor and I’d get phone calls on Monday mornings from people who would struggle to install crown molding. We saw a need and that’s where it started.” The company faces typical working capital challenges as it grows. Jensen says, “As a smaller company with limited resources, C2FO gives us a big advantage. To prepare for our busy season, we need the cash flow to manufacture in large quantities to warehouse and ship out. At other times, we concentrate on advertising and building our brand. C2FO has helped tremendously, and the beautiful thing is that it’s automated.”

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