Global retail leader case study

Case Study


  • We are a very seasonal business that has many products manufactured overseas, so prompt and early payments are critical to our supply chain health.
  • It was important to offer our suppliers a fair early payment option.
  • As a net borrower, we had to guarantee that we would make a return that is greater than our debt borrowings.
  • Our team had to launch the program without increasing headcount.

“C2FO eliminates all the risk of traditional investing by using short-term cash & debt borrowings to pay approved supplier invoices early at a much higher rate of return.”


Why we use C2FO

  • It’s a mutually beneficial program for our business and our suppliers.
  • It was very easy to launch with less than 10 weeks from contract to go-live and did not require additional staff.
  • The program gives us the flexibility to control when we release our short-term cash at our target rate.

The results

  • Program income has exceeded our expectations.
  • We continue to grow the program internationally.
  • Our suppliers have been very positive about C2FO.
  • No need to add headcount thanks to ongoing supplier support from C2FO.

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