Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • With 75 and 90-day terms, it’s great getting invoices paid before the due dates
  • With more cash we can sell more items
  • C2FO helps smaller companies access cash flow affordably

“C2FO is helping small businesses that don’t have other funding options in this economy.”


Founded in 2005, Graintex, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of industrial machinery and equipment, tool belts, tool bags, hand tools, safety gear and more. They sell through several major retailers in the U.S. and Canada. Graintex CEO Sunny Sethi described the company’s working capital challenges saying, “Banks are extending less funding to small companies and the funding in the market is very expensive.” C2FO has offered a solid solution. Sethi says, “It’s been a great opportunity working with C2FO. When I first got the email from C2FO, we were excited with the whole program. Cash flow was holding us back from selling more items. The extra cash we get from C2FO has been very helpful.”

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