Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • Helps us keep up with product demand from our key customers.
  • When we can improve our payment terms by up to 60 days early, it gives us more flexibility to extend credit to our customers.
  • Compared to static discounting terms, C2FO creates a substantial savings to us.
  • The supplier relationship management team made it very simple to use the program. Teresa was like a coach to us versus a salesperson.

“The early cash flow that I receive with C2FO allows me to accept and fulfill more orders from my customers. This can increase my sales by up to 5x for each customer.”


Kahootz was founded on the belief that doing the work that inspires you, with people you trust and respect, is the key to success in business and in life. All of us in Kahootz are on a mission to use our skills and passions to bring great kids’ products to the world. Whether it is developing an idea on our own, helping investors bring ideas to reality, or assisting partners with sales and operations, all of us are having a blast doing what we love. That’s why we got into Kahootz in the first place! Kahootz has gone about building the company with two initial product offerings: a collectible pom-pom toy called Pomz, and a revival of the classic 1960s Spirograph drawing toy.

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