Krech Ojard

Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • Our business has been growing so quickly that C2FO gives us the ability to schedule regular cash flow as frequently as needed.
  • Allows us to accelerate cash with our largest customers in the transportation industry.
  • Helps us reduce the number of times we need use our line of credit.
  • With C2FO, we can accelerate 90+ day term invoices in less than 30 days. This reduces the number of times we use our LOC in any given 30 day cycle and therefore can reduce the amount of interest expense each month.

“C2FO is very user friendly and delivers cash flow very quickly.”


Krech Ojard & Associates, Consulting Engineers and Architects, is a pro-gressive firm providing complete architectural and engineering services to private clients, industrial, and government agencies. Krech Ojard features architects with extensive experience in projects ranging from universities and commercial properties to industrial facilities. Krech Ojard’s engineers specialize in structural, civil, marine, mechanical, and rail disciplines.

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