Milestone Technologies

Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • We like pulling the cash forward at a reasonable rate
  • It’s a major convenience to go through C2FO compared to other options
  • Their outstanding customer service puts us at ease
  • The early payments are processed smoothly

“Big pat on the back to your support team. They are very helpful and make it easy to get started.”


Milestone Technologies, Inc. is a leading IT Managed Services and IT Professional Services solutions provider serving clients globally. Their unique approach to IT Managed Services includes Contact Center Services, Internal IT Support, Data Center Operations, Workforce Solutions, and IT Professional Services. When C2FO originally reached out, the Milestone team was leery at first, but they quickly understood how helpful it could be in meeting DSO goals each month. Their Credit & Collections Manager describes C2FO as, “A healthy addiction, as money is so easy to pull in. It makes certain goals easier to achieve so we can focus on other more important pressing issues.”

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