Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • It gives us peace of mind knowing we can access cash early when we need it
  • Provides us working capital for paying our suppliers and growing the business
  • Our SRM rep has been extremely helpful and makes the entire process easy

“C2FO has been a huge help in ensuring we have the capital necessary to continue growing.”


When one of NurturMe’s founders became a mother for the first time, she was having trouble finding a healthy alternative to traditional jarred baby foods. NurturMe was created to provide healthy organic foods and snacks for families of infants and toddlers. More than half of the products they produce are quinoa-based, which makes them a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Like many food manufacturers, NurturMe has a lengthy manufacturing cycle that can make it a challenge to manage cash flow. Their director of finance says, “From procurement of raw materials to manufacturing, packaging and then shipment to our retailers, our cash conversion cycle can take a long time. Manufacturing process aside, some of our larger customers might have 90-day payment terms. With C2FO, we can get that payment time down to a week or less, which lets us turn around and manufacture more products.”

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