ReVival Labs

Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • C2FO eases the cash flow burden of 60-day terms
  • You choose your own interest rate, so it’s an inexpensive source of funds
  • The quicker payments help us produce more product and cover our operating expenses

“It’s great to have C2FO to bridge cash flows using our outstanding invoices.”


ReVival Labs produces the youthH2O line of dietary supplements made from natural organic superfoods. They’ve employed the finest herbalists from around the globe to refine and perfect their proprietary formula to deliver a potent and pure nutrient-packed supplement they call their “fountain of youth.” The company has grown rapidly and expanded its customer base significantly over the past several years. Chief Operating Officer Sleiman Essau says, “Cash flow is always a common problem in a startup company. We got an email from C2FO and when our supplier relationship manager walked me through it, I couldn’t believe how easy it was. When you need cash and you have outstanding invoices, you can quickly go in, set your offer, and get paid the next day. Not having to wait 60 days for payment helps us with the cash flow we need for production runs and other bills.”

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