Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • It’s a wonderful way in which we can basically borrow our own
    money sooner
  • C2FO helps us takes the risk out of our own supply chain
  • Quicker cash flow ensures that we can maintain the inventory levels
    we need

“C2FO builds your business and your customer’s business
at the same time.”


New Jersey-based StoreMaxx produces reusable food storage containers, with most of the manufacturing taking place in North America. Initially specializing in injection molded microwaveable food containers, StoreMaxx has grown their product offering significantly over time. Their focus is on excellence in design and environmental responsibility. It’s a family business now in its third generation of producing consumer products over the past 40 years. President Ed Spitaletta says, “Our suppliers face the same challenges that we do with their suppliers: everyone needs their cash flow quicker. With C2FO, we’re able to get money to our suppliers faster and that benefits the entire supply chain. Having steady cash flow and being able to pay our suppliers promptly grows our capacity to distribute and sell products. It’s simple mathematics.”

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