A. Stucki Company

Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • We are a small company owned by private equity and leveraged. C2FO enables us to pay down our bank line. It saves interest expense and helps to minimize the capital required to run the business.
  • As a company with multiple divisions and several customers on the C2FO platform, C2FO makes it easy for us to optimize our overall working capital.
  • We receive payments much sooner and the discount is pretty modest compared to our other working capital improvement options. I’m so happy that our large customer invoices are not 45 or 50 days outstanding like they used to be.

“C2FO really helps us reduce our outstanding line of credit, at a low cost. It’s roughly 60% less than our cost of capital”


A. Stucki Company is a U.S.-based designer, manufacturer, and supplier of engineered products and services to the international rail transportation market. For more than one hundred years and billions of miles, freight cars and freight operations have been running better because of A. Stucki products. Our products have lengthened maintenance intervals and increased profits for owners and operators around the world.

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