SW Industrial LLC

Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • Helps us pay for additional inventory by pulling receivables forward 
 as much as 60 days early.
  • We can operate using cash flow versus tapping into cash reserves.
  • The self-serve platform and helpful advice from our supplier relationship 
 manager make using C2FO very easy.

“As our growth continues to build, we need cash flow to stock each new customer. Getting paid up to 60 days early is a lifesaver.”


SW Industrial is a startup that distributes exclusive licensed welding equipment for Stanley Black & Decker, which they sell in the US market and overseas. The company is growing steadily, and managing incoming and outgoing cash flow is a challenge. General manager Gregory Rose says, “We buy inventory in significant quantities from our suppliers and sell it over time. If we have a lot of accounts receivable outstanding 
when we need to buy more inventory, we can find ourselves in a crunch. C2FO has helped us enormously, making it easy and economical to bring cash flow forward from major customers.” He adds, “Working with C2FO has been a godsend, giving us access to cash we need.”

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