Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • Helps us with paying our manufacturers and payroll
  • Faster and no risk compared to factoring
  • Sustain our cash flow to keep inventory levels high

“C2FO has been a real lifesaver and the process is easy and quick!”


U•Konserve is a company that offers quality, safe and reusable food storage solutions. Co-founders Lynn Julian and Chance Claxton have found the perfect balance of skills for running a business together, with Lynn coming from a financial background and Chance coming from a marketing and product development background. The idea for the company came about when they were shocked by the amount of waste being produced from schools and their kids’ lunches, and they knew there was a better way to do things. They made it their mission to reduce lunchtime trash. Now they sell their products internationally through many major retailers. They have also partnered with more than 30 schools with their Waste-Free Challenge to help further reduce trash in landfills and oceans. Lynn says one of the biggest challenges they have faced is making sure their inventory levels fully support their sales, and C2FO has helped them meet this challenge.

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