Case Study

Why we use C2FO

  • Love the integration and the seamlessness of it
  • In literally two days we have the money in our account
  • We appreciate the customer service and phone support

“C2FO was a godsend to me to get my payments faster. Now we’re growing the business.”

CEO and Founder

Wake Up Sense is centered on holistic, natural healing to help reduce the symptoms of depression. CEO and founder Scott Lifer suffered from depression and anxiety and began to seek alternatives to the pharmaceuticals he’d been prescribed when their side-effects became too debilitating. Working with doctors and scientists specializing in orthomolecular medicine, Lifer says, “I got healed naturally, holistically and knew there was a huge problem to be solved.” He founded Wake Up Sense to provide other depression sufferers with nutritional supplements which are optimized to safely enhance intracellular nutritional levels. C2FO has proved to be a useful business resource. Says Lifer, “I don’t have a big accounting department where I can call people all day and get money. Using C2FO has changed the dynamics of my working capital for good.”

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