Generate extra income from your accounts payable

Approved invoices for your suppliers are uploaded to C2FO, and you establish your target return. Suppliers request early payment of the invoices they choose at a rate that works for them. C2FO does the rest.

No change to your payment process, no extra work for you

You set your target return and available cash pool, the C2FO dynamic discounting marketplace does the rest.


Invoice Receipt →

Approved invoices for your suppliers are
uploaded to C2FO. 


Supplier Offer →

Suppliers log in and set an offer for early payment.


Capture Discounts →

C2FO matches supplier offers and your desired rate of return.


ERP Scheduling →

C2FO provides your ERP with discount and
new pay date.


Supplier Payment

You still pay your suppliers directly, only faster.

We make dynamic discounting easy for you and your suppliers

Invoice processing between you and your suppliers doesn’t change with C2FO. The only things that change are the payment date and the invoice amount.

You still pay your suppliers directly, with the same process, only faster.

C2FO is the easiest solution to implement, manage, and maintain, which means no added headcount or headaches for you.


"Our partnership is a great example of what can be accomplished when thoughtful, ethical people are willing to challenge the status quo."

VP Merchandise Accounting Controller


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