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C2FO invited by the National Development Council of Taiwan to Support Entrepreneurs

December 13, 2016, Kansas City, Mo.— C2FO, the world’s largest market for working capital, was invited to deliver the keynote address at the 2016 Meet Taipei Innovation & Entrepreneurship conference in November. This is Asia’s largest innovation event, where C2FO presented amongst 60 speakers from different nations, 2,400 live audience members, 60,000 online viewers, and 350 startups bringing new solutions to current business models.

“We are honored to be recognized as ‘The Visiting Entrepreneur’ by the National Development Council of the Taiwan government and to be invited to present the keynote at Meet Taipei to so many great entrepreneurs,” said Sandy Kemper, Founder and CEO of C2FO. “What I like about Taiwan is that it’s built on innovation. Companies here of all sizes have very creative entrepreneurs, and the political policies are pro-innovation and pro-entrepreneur,” added Kemper.

The C2FO keynote address “Entrepreneurial Routes: Past as Prologue” featured insights on how the pioneering spirit of Kansas City and Taiwan has lead to innovation throughout history, and also provided advice to help entrepreneurs succeed on a global stage.

In addition to speaking at the Meet Taipei innovation conference, the C2FO team actively mentored several startup companies focused on solving banking, agricultural, environmental and commerce challenges with new technology.

C2FO also met with the INNOSQUARE entrepreneur accelerator, run by IPAS of National Ciao Tung University. The INNOSQUARE mission is to accelerate youth entrepreneurship and to foster future international development.

C2FO started its own business accelerator program last year by providing workspace, business development services and mentoring at no cost with entrepreneurs and early-stage companies. Startups who have been involved in the program include Bungii, InReturn Strategies, PreScreened and Stock Tycoon.

“Our trip to Taiwan was a wonderful business and cultural exchange with fellow entrepreneurs to foster global startup innovation,” said Kemper. “I was impressed with the ingenuity of the Taiwan entrepreneurs who are leading the next generation of breakthrough ideas,” added Kemper.

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