C2FO Leads SME Financing Innovation

C2FO Takes Leading Role at Dutch Government-Supported Supply Chain Finance Community Forum

November 18th, 2015C2FO, the world’s largest market for working capital, today presented its response to the International Open RFI project at Supply Chain Finance Community Forum, in Amsterdam.

The Open RFI, launched on behalf of a group of Dutch multinational corporations, invited over 30 bank and non-bank platforms to demonstrate best-in-class methods for applying supply chain finance solutions to SMEs.

All the participants were ranked in each of the following categories: Qualifications & Strategy, Solution Scope, Platform technology, Implementation and on-boarding, Transaction Volumes, Accounting & Legal, and Incumbent SCF Provider.

Short-listed under the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs-supported initiative, C2FO presented its market-based dynamic discounting solution.

Jason Bristow, recent CFO of Code 42 Software, Inc. and former Vice President and Treasurer at Amazon.com, who presented alongside C2FO at the event, said, “It is a privilege to be contributing to the Supply Chain Finance Community Forum, which does the great work of helping buyers and suppliers identify the latest, most dynamic and cost-effective methods for improving working capital efficiency. I understand first-hand how innovative ideas and the latest technology can transform supplier finance.”

Colin Sharp, Senior Vice President, C2FO, added, “We believe that a market-based approach to invoice discounting offers a unique win-win for both buyer and supplier. We’re happy to be presenting at the Supply Chain Finance Community Forum to explain how our platform has arrived as the market-leader in this field.”

Since May 2010, C2FO has delivered nearly $30BN in working capital flows and nearly 150 million days of accelerated payment, benefiting both buyers and suppliers across the globe.

About Supply Chain Finance Community Forum:
The Supply Chain Finance Community is a not?for?profit organisation registered in the Netherlands and supported by European governments. The SCF Community Forum, now in its third year, is Europe’s leading conference for corporations, business schools, banks and technology vendors in the SCF arena.

About C2FO®:
C2FO is the world’s market for working capital® and risk-free profit. C2FO is the largest working capital exchange in the world and enables companies to Name your rate™ for working capital in a live marketplace. Companies across the globe use C2FO to increase their operating income while simultaneously producing vital working capital flows to their supply chains. C2FO is a leader in retail, industrial, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, technology, telecom and transportation sectors. C2FO is Collaborative Cash Flow Optimisation. 

About Jason Bristow:
Mr. Bristow has nearly two decades of experience as a senior finance executive. Jason Bristow recently served as the Chief Financial Officer of Code 42 Software, Inc. Mr. Bristow joined Code42 from Amazon.com, where he served as vice president and treasurer and served as a member of the Amazon.com leadership team. Mr. Bristow has also held senior financial roles at General Electric, both domestically and internationally. Jason has recently presented at the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) Working Capital Conference and the Supply Chain Finance Community Forum to address his experience with implementing innovative supplier finance solutions.