C2FO named to Forbes Fintech 50 list

C2FO working capital marketplace is recognized as a top 50 fintech company in the U.S.

KANSAS CITY, Mo., December 16, 2015 — C2FO, the world’s market for working capital®, has been recognized by Forbes as one of the most important financial tech companies on the magazine’s 2015 Forbes Fintech 50 List.

After considering more than 300 fintech companies, C2FO was recognized by for its ability to help solve the Liquidity Paradox, through its unique marketplace model. C2FO was also the only company listed from the dynamic discounting category.

Earlier this year the organization was also named to Global Finance magazine’s ‘The Innovators 2015’ list and received the 2015 Impact Award, from the American Cities Business Journals. Most recently, C2FO was recognized in the Fintech100 List published by KPMG and H2 Ventures.

Solving the Liquidity Paradox

The liquidity paradox describes the global issue of excess cash earning low rates of interest while borrowed cash is costly and in short supply.

Even though a general economic recovery is underway, many suppliers are finding that their ability to access working capital has not returned to pre-recession levels. This is happening due to changes in the financial industry that limit borrowing power. This challenge has been magnified by the growing trend of payment terms being extended, reaching up to 120 days in some industries.

C2FO is solving these working capital challenges by connecting companies that have excess cash with those that need it, to discover the unique price for early payment that’s profitable for both.

In contrast to other lending models with extremely high rates, the C2FO marketplace supplier-friendly approach is gaining traction by finding the rate that’s a win for buyers and suppliers.

“C2FO is on a mission to liberate working capital by automating a fair way for companies to improve their cash position,” said Sanjay Gupta, Chief Operating Officer at C2FO. “We’re extremely proud to be named to the Forbes Fintech 50. It’s additional validation that helping global organizations of all sizes work together to improve cash flow is the right approach,” added Gupta.

About the Forbes Fintech 50:

To compile the inaugural list, Forbes reporters solicited information from more than 300 startups and then interviewed more than 150 CEOs and founders, as well as independent industry experts. Candidates were required to have operations in the U.S. and a viable product in the marketplace.

About C2FO®:

C2FO is the world’s market for working capital® and risk-free profit. C2FO is the largest working capital exchange in the world and enables companies to Name your rate™ for working capital in a live marketplace. Companies across the globe use C2FO to increase their operating income while simultaneously producing vital working capital flows to their supply chains. C2FO is a leader in retail, industrial, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, technology, telecom and transportation sectors. C2FO is Collaborative Cash Flow Optimization.