C2FO: the only true dynamic discounting solution

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If you are actively implementing a dynamic discounting solution or if you’re considering adding a dynamic discounting initiative to your current finance and treasury roadmap, you should take the time to review the C2FO marketplace.

The C2FO working capital marketplace is the only true dynamic discounting platform. All other “static” discounting and “sliding scale” invoice discounting programs, tools and software packages are really just “static” programs that limit income for buyers and control for suppliers.

As explained in our dynamic discounting blog post, the C2FO marketplace has many dynamic variables that allow the buyer to set their optimal rate of return while suppliers can set their desired rate for early invoice payment. Ultimately, this gives all companies within the C2FO marketplace more power to manage key finance metrics like Days Payable Outstanding (DPO), Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and cash conversion cycle.

Plus, a marketplace levels the playing field with complete transparency around the supply of cash, the demand for that cash and the rate for that cash. When each company is able to determine their fair rate for accelerated cash flow, it makes the working capital market highly efficient and good for businesses.

Let’s look at some of the key differences between C2FO true dynamic discounting and legacy “dynamic” and “static” discounting models.


Our Name your rate™ approach to dynamic discounting drives higher participation
and returns


If you would like more information about C2FO, please be sure to contact us at info@c2fo.com.