The only discounting solution that is truly dynamic

Our unique marketplace approach provides the largest return for you and best rate for your suppliers by dynamically pricing the value for early payment in real time.

“C2FO eliminates all the risk of traditional investing by using short-term cash & debt borrowings to pay approved supplier invoices early at a much higher rate of return.”

VP Operations Accounting
Global Retailer

Finance: improve EBITDA while strengthening your supply chain

The C2FO marketplace generates higher returns on cash:
  • Improves your core EPS and EBITDA
  • Strengthens your supply chain
  • Complements other early payment programs
  • Reaches parts of the supply chain that other SCF programs cannot
  • Positive press and increased corporate social responsibility scores
What your company gains from using C2FO:
  • Provides the best available return on cash and short-term investments
  • Support of payment terms harmonization
  • Benefits balance sheet
  • No CAPEX required
  • Short implementation timeline means you see savings by the next fiscal quarter
  • Provides unique intelligence into the health of your supply chain

“C2FO makes total sense for us because we cannot earn a higher yield elsewhere. We see high supplier demand for the program as well.”

Do it Best

Treasury: a better rate of return for short-term cash with no incremental risk

Paying approved supplier invoices early at discounted rates is a proven way to generate higher returns on cash or arbitrage your lower cost of capital without adding risk.

C2FO helps you enhance returns on global liquidity:
  • Increase yield on cash and short-term investments
  • You control the amount of cash you make available
  • Profitable alternative to low or negative interest on deposits
  • Risk-free returns as you are investing in your own business
What your company gains from using C2FO:
  • Attractive rate of return that you control
  • Maintain liquidity at the level you choose
  • Global scope and multiple currencies put trapped cash to work in any region

“The C2FO program has allowed our procurement & finance teams to collaborate on gross margin improvement & cash generation while supporting the financial health of our supply chain. We are projecting 2x program growth this year.”

Procurement Leader
Pharmaceutical industry

Procurement: strengthen your supply chain, improve margins, and reduce costs for your company — all automatically

C2FO improves your supplier relationships without changing your processes:
  • You maintain complete control over your supplier relationships
  • No changes in terms, contracts or negotiations
  • You decide which suppliers are eligible
  • The C2FO team manages all supplier and on-boarding support
  • Easy to implement and no additional procurement resources needed to run the program
What your company gains from using C2FO:
  • Incremental discounts above and beyond contractual discounts
  • Increase procurement’s contribution to company profitability
  • Early payment to suppliers strengthens your supply chain across multiple tiers and improves your supplier relationships

“The biggest benefit is the value we provide to our vendor community. By accelerating payments at a relatively low cost, it strengthens our brand partnerships & negotiations.”

Director of Accounting Operations

Accounting: create value without changing processes or adding more work

True dynamic discounting benefits you and your suppliers:
  • Non-disruptive to your existing systems
  • Invoice visibility reduces supplier phone calls
  • Easily interfaces into your ERP system and disbursement processes
  • You maintain control over approving invoices for early payment
What your company gains with C2FO:
  • Lower cost of goods above and beyond contractual discounts
  • Strengthens your supply chain
  • Improve your relationships with suppliers by paying them sooner
  • Reporting tools give you access to useful supplier data
“We trusted the C2FO team to complete the SAP data exchange because this is their area of expertise. The on-site approach was easy and reduced our IT requirements and the level of support needed.”
IT Company

IT: add powerful technology to strengthen your company’s financial position without disrupting your systems

Globally proven technology, simple connection:
  • 3-to-4 weeks technology effort for your team
  • C2FO has a dedicated go-live team to guide the process
  • Easily interfaces with your current ERP and disbursement systems
  • High-level security standards and documented API
  • SaaS cloud-based system
  • SAP certified, expedited market launch available for SAP systems
What your company gains from using C2FO:
  • Minimal IT contribution helps improve company profitability
  • The ability to gain incremental income from cash and short-term investments
  • Ongoing support team
  • Quickly gain innovation and business value, without disruption or CAPEX
How true dynamic discounting from C2FO is unique

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