Turn your receivables from your customer into a revolving line of credit.

Improve cash flow on demand with a credit line that your customer pays down for you—with no hidden fees and a lower cost than factors and most banks.

How it works

The Receivables Finance solution is convenient, easy, and fast.


Submit Invoices

You submit invoices to your customer and to C2FO


Review Credit

Eligible invoices are added to your available credit balance


Request Funds

Request an advance online and receive funds in 24 hours


Reduce Balance

Your customer remits payment to a lockbox, creating more availability

More than just money


Customer Paid

Your customer pays down for you



Receive funds in as little as 24 hours



The entire process is 4 simple steps



No surprise fees or commitments


On Demand

Draw only what you want, when needed



An always available revolving line of credit

How C2FO compares

Approval1-3 Days1-3 Months2-6 Months
Credit LimitHighModerateModerate
Operational RisksLowModerateHigh

Frequently asked questions

Facilities generally range from $100k-$20mm – but larger credit limits are available.

You submit your eligible invoices through the C2FO online app. After we verify your invoices, credit is made available to you based on the invoice value and your advance rate. You can request any or all of your availability when you need it.

During the application process, we’ll agree to an advance rate, typically between 70% and 90%. Your availability is simply the value of your open, eligible invoices multiplied by advance rate, less your outstanding balance (any previous advances you’ve received).

You don’t pay down your balance—your customer does. Your customer’s invoices are paid directly to a lockbox and receipts are reconciled and automatically credited against your outstanding account balance.

The all-in cost averages 10-15% APR. Facilities can be priced above or below this range based on factors such as company size and strength, personal guaranty, industry, and risk.

No. We believe in transparency and all potential costs are clearly stated up front. The only additional charge for accounts in good standing is an optional wire fee (ACH transfers are free).

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