Turn your invoices into a revolving line of credit

With C2FO Receivables Finance, get access to capital that grows as rapidly as your company’s receivables.


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On-demand funding that grows with your business


Available on demand

Your credit availability moves in real time, based on your open invoices


Credit limits up to $100M

Financing that scales as fast as your business


Ease of use

We focus on removing traditional barriers to funding


You own it

You continue to own relationships with your customers

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“Receivables Finance really was a godsend for the company. I can't say that enough. The ability to upload our invoices and take payments when needed literally saved the company.”

John Dibling
President, Thinkpiece Partners

Getting Started is Easy

Receivables Finance is convenient, easy, and fast.


Provide your basic company and financial info​


Agree to a no-risk term sheet


We work with you on a mutually beneficial structure


Upload your invoices and start requesting funds

How C2FO compares

Approval7-30 Days1-3 Months2-6 Months
Credit LimitHighModerateModerate
Operational RisksLowModerateHigh

Frequently asked questions

Once you’re qualified, your credit limit grows along with your open, eligible receivables—to as much as $100 million.

You submit your eligible invoices through the C2FO online app. After we verify your invoices, your available credit is updated immediately. You can request any or all of your availability when you need it.

During the application process, we’ll agree to an advance rate, typically between 70% and 90%. Your availability is simply the value of your open, eligible invoices multiplied by advance rate, less your outstanding balance (any previous advances you’ve received).

You don’t pay down your balance – your customers do. Your customer invoices are paid directly to a lockbox and receipts are reconciled and automatically credited against your outstanding account balance.

The cost depends on a number of factors. We have issued term sheets in the 3% to 24% range in the last year and can provide a preliminary term sheet to you over the phone after a discussion about your business. 

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