Senior Data Scientist

This position is located in Fairway, Kansas.

C2FO is seeking a Senior Data Scientist to accelerate our mission of liberating working capital.

C2FO de-risks the provisioning of working capital and connects businesses that need capital to those that can provide it at a beneficial price for everyone.  We built the largest, most trusted network for businesses in the world.

The scale of the problem (and opportunity) is enormous.  Trillions of dollars flow through C2FO’s network every year.  Billions of individual invoices.  Hundreds of thousands of businesses connecting with C2FO.

This position represents a high visibility, high impact opportunity that will directly influence how decisions are made around some of our thorniest problems.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Partner closely with the Product and Engineering teams to define problems and implement scalable solutions
  • Develop and experiment with new algorithms and models seeking to optimize network growth and long-term value
  • Learn about various aspects of the business (sales, marketing, project management, market mechanics, risk underwriting) and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Analyze the story behind the numbers and articulate and present solutions
  • Seek out new and interesting datasets to complement and enrich our existing data
  • Inform, influence, support, and execute the company’s product roadmap


  • Master’s degree in Mathematics, Finance, Physics, Computer Science, or a related field
  • Expertise in statistics, probability theory, and machine learning
  • Fluency in a statistical programming language such as Python, R, or Julia
  • Versed in experimental design (AB, multi-armed bandits)
  • Proficiency working with relational databases (PostgreSQL,  MySQL)
  • Familiarity with non-relational data stores (Redshift, Neo4J, Parquet)
  • Scrappiness and can thrive in a semi-autonomous environment
  • Strong communication skills

Big Pluses

  • Highly skilled with data visualization (Matplotlib, ggplot2, D3, Plotly)
  • Understanding how to deploy, monitor, refine, and retire models over time
  • Expert in time series analysis and various forecasting techniques
  • Knowledge of causal impact modeling
  • Experience with deep learning frameworks (TensorFlow, Keras, Caffe)

A few more things to know:

You’ll be working with a world class data science team and will be encouraged to keep up with relevant academic research and promising open source projects. We’re huge proponents of ongoing education and personal development so we make it a point to budget for conferences and are always proud to support your speaking/publishing/patenting interests.

We are a startup. We expect a lot. We are a driven team with big ambitions to change the world. We are seeking individuals who are truly passionate about their work. Select “Apply Now” and email us your resume and cover letter to be considered for this position.