How to Solve the $16 Trillion Small Business Liquidity Trap

The world’s small and mid-sized businesses need our help.

A solution is within our grasp.

Sandy Kemper

Founder and CEO

In this economic crisis, the greatest financial relief we can give small and mid-sized businesses is faster payment of their outstanding invoices.

Governments and central banks have stepped in with emergency lending, but much work remains to address what we estimate to be $16 trillion tied up in receivables for small and mid-sized businesses worldwide.

In an open letter to governments and central banks published in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and the Financial Times, we called for creating low-cost funding for larger companies to pay their small and mid-sized suppliers immediately as a solution that would advance trillions in liquidity to small and mid-sized businesses around the world.

If implemented quickly, we believe this solution could solve a significant part of the crisis for tens of millions of businesses in need of capital around the world.

Whatever path is taken, the paramount goal is speed. Too much is at risk to wait another day.

We encourage you to please help us spread the word by sharing this proposal and white paper with your elected officials and business colleagues who may be interested.
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