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The rise of business partnerships

Dec 01, 2016

Collaboration between companies can be of mutual benefit as long as the partnership is open to robust communication At a time when many politicians and their backers seem to encourage a less open outlook and more focus on what happens within a nation’s borders than without, companies are...

Liquidity management stress causes bank-to-corporate tug of war

Nov 24, 2016

Stresses on banks are forcing change on how corporates run their cash management operations. For business to continue running smoothly, it will require some give and take from both sides. Deutsche Bank’s Liquidity Management: Thriving in a New World whitepaper points to the importance of...

C2FO listed among the 2016 Forbes Fintech 50

Nov 07, 2016

C2FO has again been named among the most influential US tech companies in the finance space in second annual Forbes Fintech 50 list.

The top financial concerns for small business owners today

Nov 04, 2016

What’s the top concern for owners of small-to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK? You might expect that the answer would be Brexit, but the second annual C2FO Working Capital Outlook Survey finds otherwise. Although these businesses do rate economic and political uncertainty as...

Small Biz Cash Management Struggles Across The Globe

Oct 27, 2016

Between the rise of blockchain technology, the market debuts of faster payments initiatives and the advancements in virtual card capabilities, small businesses have more choice and power when it comes to their payments needs. But B2B payment habits continue to stifle suppliers’ growth plans...

Cash is king but finance is still available

Oct 26, 2016

With the economy facing continued uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to manage company liquidity and working capital. The Times Raconteur showcases C2FO in this article on trends in company finance.

Survey shows SMEs still plagued by late payments

Oct 17, 2016

Many suppliers to large and global corporate buyers face late payment from their customers. This practice has been common since the global financial crisis of 2008, but it’s far from new problem. The 2016 Working Capital Outlook Survey from C2FO asked more than 1,800 small to...

Retailers look to innovation to gain a competitive edge

Oct 04, 2016

What can more established retailers do to stay competitive? One answer is to look to technology and innovation to help even the playing field.

10 ways to grow your business today

Sep 19, 2016

Mark Thomas, Director of Client Operations EMEA at C2FO, talks about how small businesses can stay on top of cash flow by exploring innovative ideas such as dynamic discounting to free up much-needed cash.

A sweet alternative to cash investments

Sep 19, 2016

Andrew Burns from C2FO explains how market-based dynamic discounting is a good investment alternative for corporate treasurers in today’s interest rate environment.