What makes C2FO the working capital game changer

Even though a general economic recovery is underway, many suppliers are finding that their ability to access working capital has not returned to pre-recession levels. This is happening for a variety of reasons, including changes in the banking industry that limit borrowing power of SMBs. Another stumbling block for suppliers is the trend of extended payment terms—up to 120 days in some industries—by many buyers.

Enter the C2FO Name your rate™ concept.

With C2FO, suppliers collaborate with buyers to agree to early payment of approved invoices at rates acceptable to both parties. This gives buyers the opportunity to increase their gross margin and EBITDA and generate higher returns on their cash, while suppliers benefit from improved cash flow at a rate they control.

All of this takes place within the secure, trusted C2FO working capital market, which has a world-class Net Promoter® score for customer satisfaction. It’s not just about the technology ease-of-use: C2FO also features the largest Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) team in the industry, all of whom are financial professionals dedicated to delivering personal support to suppliers.

In our new white paper, Name your rate™: The Working Capital Game Changer, we show why suppliers are so enthusiastic about C2FO through real-world stories about how C2FO has impacted their businesses in meaningful ways.

Download a copy to learn how suppliers are taking control of improving their working capital by using C2FO to keep production going during off-peak seasons, fulfill large orders with long production cycles, increase inventory, and reliably reconcile their receivables.