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C2FO announces Successful PayStream Summit Conference Buyer-Client Event

September 19, 2011, Kansas City, Mo.—C2FO, the leading provider of cloud-based Collaborative Cash Flow Optimization C2FOTM technology, announced today the success of its inaugural PayStream Summit Conference Buyer Client event, a standing-room-only session including Buyer-Clients and prospects.

C2FO helps companies collaborate with their supply chain in daily, web-based, market-clearing events to achieve accelerated cash flow to Supplier-Clients and increased efficiencies in working capital management and profit for Buyer-Clients.

Participants at this first Buyer-Client conference included Costco, La-Z-Boy, Iron Mountain and Toys “R”Us, View the video of the Buyer-Client panel discussion.

“We are gratified to have enjoyed such a well attended event,” said Alexander “Sandy” Kemper, founder and CEO of Pollenware. “We are proud to have hosted so many of our key Buyer-Client partners and potential Clients and we look forward to such collaborative events in the future,” added Kemper.

About C2FO®

C2FO® is the world’s market for working capital™ and risk-free profit. C2FO is the only working capital exchange that allows companies to optimize their working capital positions in a live marketplace. Companies across the globe use C2FO to increase their operating income while simultaneously producing vital working capital flows to their supply chain. C2FO is Collaborative Cash Flow Optimization. Learn more about C2FO at c2fo.com.