PayStream Advisors 2015 AP and Working Capital Report

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This report from PayStream Advisors discusses game-changing AP and working capital tools and insights on current market trends in working capital software usage, dynamic discounting management, supply management, supply chain financing, electronic payments optimization and more.

Capturing early payment discounts is a top goal for any Accounts Payable (AP) department, as it ultimately grants organizations huge returns on cash. However, if the department is still using manual AP processes, the resulting slow approval times and invoice processing errors keep this goal from becoming an achievable aspiration. The inability to capture what is effectively free money is a very frustrating dilemma for organizations, causing many to simply give up on the idea.

Organizations that rely upon antiquated AP processes hurt more than themselves—they also deeply impact their suppliers. If a company is unable to approve and pay invoices quickly, suppliers experience slower cash ow, which further disrupts the supply chain. Suppliers may also be reluctant to continue business relationships with buyers who cannot pay on time, and as a result, those organizations could potentially lose important segments of their valuable supplier base.

Fortunately, today’s organizations can use working capital software to increase discount capture while also alleviating AP pains around invoice approval and payment. Dynamic discounting, supply chain financing, and other working capital applications free up cash ow and strengthen the supply chain, ultimately improving supplier relationships and increasing a company’s bottom line.

PayStream Advisors’ 2015 AP and Working Capital report offers a guide for organizations actively exploring working capital solutions. This report explores market trends and illustrates the relevance and applicability of working capital solutions such as dynamic discounting platforms, supply chain financing, and electronic payment methods. Also included is a profile of one of the current leading working capital solution providers.

Download the 2015 AP and Working Capital Report to learn more.