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Why Suppliers love C2FO

  • Improve cash flow
  • Access early payment on demand
  • Eliminate paperwork and contracts
  • Enjoy world-class support
  • Accelerate cash in just 2 clicks
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C2FO is working
capital made easy

Improving your cash flow is simple with C2FO. There’s no factoring, supply chain finance or other third-party financial intermediaries to get in the way of your cash.

For a small discount, you can receive early payment on your approved invoices directly from your customer at rates that are often less than the cost of borrowing short-term working capital.

The best part about C2FO: you determine your early payment offer, so you’re in control. When your offer is accepted, your customer will initiate early payment within 48 hours of market clearing.

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Case Studies

  • The Barry Callebaut Group

    Oct 20,2015

    “With C2FO, we now have 100% confidence as to when and how we will receive payment for products.”
    - Credit Analyst

  • Milestone Technologies

    Oct 21,2015

    “Big pat on the back to your support team. They are very helpful and make it easy to get started.”
    - Credit & Collections Manager

  • VIIAD Systems

    Dec 02,2015

    “C2FO is set-it-and-forget-it for us, and getting paid in a couple of days is great.”
    - VP Administration