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C2FO makes it easy to improve cash flow by requesting early payment from your customer at a rate that makes sense for your business. The ability to name your own rate for accelerated payment makes C2FO unique.

  • Access early payment on demand
  • Eliminate paperwork and contracts
  • Enjoy world-class support
  • Accelerate cash in just 2 clicks

Setting up your C2FO account

Activate your C2FO account today through the email invitation you received or contact the C2FO support team today to get started.

Want to use C2FO but haven’t been invited?

If you have not yet been invited to participate in the Albertsons C2FO market, the support team can help you request access. Just contact us today.

The Albertsons & C2FO Partnership

C2FO is available to Albertsons suppliers in November 2016. C2FO is the preferred program for Albertsons suppliers to improve their cash flow through faster payment of approved invoices. The program includes a dedicated C2FO support team who can help you learn more about the program.

If you want to talk to someone about Albertsons  C2FO, feel free to reach out to your day-to-day Albertsons buyer support representative.

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C2FO market payment schedule

The market clears daily (M-F) 12pm EST / 5pm GMT.  When your early payment offer is accepted, your customer will initiate early payment within 48 hours of market clearing.

    Please review the “new pay date” listed on your invoice summary for more specific early payment timing.



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