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Application Process Complex
Legal review needed Yes
Approval Must qualify, may take months
Requirements History, growth trends, lending price based on risk
Collateral Blanket lien – 1st position UCC
Guaranties Almost always
Advance Rates 60-90% of eligible
Cost Prime +4% and UP
Fees Usually 1 to 3% per year
Covenants Current ratios, min TNW, debt coverage ratios, physical audits
Reporting Requirements Frequent
Borrowing Max Limit set by assets
Recourse Not applicable
Not required, available on demand when needed
Approved buyer invoices are all you need
100% of awarded invoices, net of discount
Name Your Rate™
Constrained only by invoices loaded and price offered
Not applicable

What to consider with asset-based lending:

  • Asset-based lending may be an option for your growing company if you cannot access other types of lending
  • Can include additional fees such as an audit fee
  • Approval requires you have good financial statements, reporting systems, and a good credit history
  • In some cases, asset-based lenders may require they be paid directly by your customers

Why you may consider C2FO for working capital:

  • C2FO offers the working capital without hassles, paperwork, or ongoing audits
  • Accelerating invoice payment lets you control cash flow without increasing your debt
  • C2FO does not have fees that increase your cost of borrowing
  • You Name Your Rate™ with C2FO

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